Apparel Software: How It Helps to Change the Market Tariff of Apparel Stores

The fashion sector is one of the largest industries and plays a vital role in the global economy. Digital innovation, increasing globalization, and changing consumer buying patterns have forced the apparel industry to make a digital shift.

Software for your Apparel Store

Apparel retailers are now seeking apparel management software to manage their business processes. Also, garment store owners are integrating with mobile applications to provide the customer with an easy, contact-less product view and checkout.

This way, the adoption of apparel software benefits apparel companies in handling their businesses efficiently. It facilitates business with the solution for inventory management, raw materials management, quality control, billing, and payroll management. This way, the integration of software in the apparel industry helps businesses in maintaining consistent standards of excellence and better sales turnovers.

Some facts on the global fashion industry

  • The negative compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -8.59% is largely due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • But, it is expected that the market is set to recover and hit $672.71 billion by 2023.
  • In the US alone, the eCommerce fashion industry accounted for 29.5% of fashion retail sales in 2020. The value of the US market is projected to reaching $100 billion by 2021.

Reasons Fashion & Retail Apparel Brands Need a software solution

When you’re running an apparel business or going to start an apparel business you must ensure that your product displays to the market/customer on time. You have to maintain the processes from designers to final delivery. Also, you need to maintain the trend and have a proper system to update and expire your stuff.

A software solution makes everything easy with the right management system. It reduces the time the product getting into your customer’s hands. It facilitates transparency and visibility, making it possible to examine timelines and make targeted cuts to improve efficiency.

Growth perspective

Every business wants growth. For this, it is necessary to have a solution that streamlines your business operation that is designed to achieve an ultimate business goal. You can measure your growth by accomplishing the customer demand on-time.

Technology solution makes it easily accessible. Through it, you can manage your apparel business work more efficiently in a cost-effective manner. This way, a software solution gives apparel business a foundation to support growth, manage complex supply chain using your existing resources.

Being up-to-date and trendy

As garment industry depends upon the changing fashion and trend. Then, it becomes a challenge for businesses to stay tuned to the changing market trend. It now becomes more crucial as the consumer is now more aware of market fashion trends.

A software solution helps businesses in analyzing their data and alert them with the right time for their stock up-gradation. It gives a system that figures out which products need to be re-tested and sets reminders for their replenishment.

Management of Supplier and Customer Queries

For a successful apparel business, an apparel retailer must have a management system for both the supplier and the customer. They must have a proper database for suppliers and quick access to any sudden customer demand. Conversely, customers need to obtain the desired apparel when needed.

For this, the retailer must have a system that saves supplier and customer data. Also, it provides the customers with proper stock information and easy checkout.

Improved Collaboration and Networking

Improved communication and collaboration between the business owner with their staff is essential. It establishes the root of a long-term relationship with the customer. It introduces a facility that allows for uninterrupted assistance throughout operational hours.

Having garment software makes everything easy. It optimizes the business processes and establishes a system that better works on the distribution system to improve networking in the entire business.

Data Integration

If the business has the right data management system then it becomes a process of massive savings for the business. Integration with such technology not only saves time but also saves your money and gives error-free data.

An effective apparel software solution efficiently integrates data across different brands and categories. With this, you will get real-time data updation. In this way, the owner of an apparel business sets up a system to create a better business strategy to maximize profits.

Risk management

Risk management is essential for any business as it not only affects the sales of your business but it is also beneficial in maintaining the trust of the customer. It gives the right management for any sudden business change or customer demand.

Having an apparel solution gives the business a more effective way to plan business more effectively and easily manage business challenges. Also, it helps businesses in identifying risks, maintain workflows, and allows the business owner to change plans accordingly.

Easy Handling of Payments and Receipts

Another most important area of managing any apparel business is establishing an effective billing, invoicing, and payment system. Business owner, who are still using the manual method they are more prone to get an error in their billing system and may face big sales loss.

An efficient apparel management system automates the business processes that involve billing and invoicing. It helps you to bill multiple orders at a single time. Also, the software helps business in the apparel industry and keep business safe in any accounting matter.

Mobile Data Access & Security

Today, every customer is more prone to use mobile phones and make their lives as easy as possible. They want everything on their phones even now they like to shop via mobile. To make business updated up to this level, now, today demands to get mobile application for the apparel business.

Now many software development companies also provide B2B and B2C applications that make shopping and billing easy. Customers get easy/real-time apparel updates and order quickly without going to the physical store. This facilitates easy ordering and flexible options for online payment.

A quick look into the features of Apparel Industry Software Solutions that you must consider

  • Strong inventory management that offers an integrated system with sales and finance
  • Requirements Planning based on the customer buying pattern accordingly, re-ordering of inventory, and forecasting
  • Integration with POS system and barcode scanning technology for quick inventory management and billing
  • Product lifecycle management from its purchase, sales to final deliver
  • Arrangement of clothes with color, size, and functionality for better stock visualization
  • Intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as standard
  • The software featured advanced business features such as artificial intelligence, forecasting, budgeting, analytics, and chatbot
  • Mobile dashboards and self-service reporting

Bottom Line

Technology is changing the way every business owner in the fashion industry manages their business. Now everything is customer-centric and retailers adopt every technology to serve the best service to the customers.

As the world is changing fast, apparel software is essential for fashion and retail brands to keep businesses up that completely change the way you work for the better. If you are looking for the best apparel software in India, you can contact the SWIL team. The team will assist you in the best possible way. For more information, let’s visit

Hitesh Jain is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Softworld India (, which deals in software solutions for healthcare & retail segments.